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So I haven’t really hopped on the whole Blu-ray train yet. Mainly because I don’t have an HD tv, nor and blu-ray player, and the disks are a little steep. Someday, I would like to cross that bridge and be apart of the high-def revolution. My parents have a really nice HD tv at home, and we get HD tv, and the picture is great. Unfortunately, that doesn’t really fit into the college budget. I have found a glimour of hope though. I’m kind of a technology geek and I really like reading in all the crazy new stuff people are doing with computers. I think the coolest part is a lot of the software innovations and new programs are created by ordinary people, coding away at their keyboards. The reason why I bring this up, is coders have figured out a compression algorithm so that blu-ray quality files can be burned on normal DVD’s.

Click me to check it.

This may be a cheap alternative for broke college kids everywhere to finally enjoy high definition for a reasonable price.


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